Premium Kitchen tool collection

Premium kitchen toolsStainless steel handle & nylon heads.


A uniform blend of stainless steel forms with spunned finish, followed by continuous nylon functional heads. A premium collection designed for well known Kitchen tool brand and OEM based in China. Product family includes Ladle(1), Spatula(2), Slotted Spatula(3), Burger Spatula(4), Fish Spatula(5), Deep Spatula(6), Slotted Spoon(7), Saute Spatula(8), Pasta Fork(9), French Whisk(10), Baloon Whisk(11), Big Tong(12), Small Tong(13).

Project Details

Started: 18 March 2016
Completed: 16 May 2016
Total Budget: 64 Man hours
Result: Successful
Website: Confidential